Game Intro - First Samurai - Classic Commodore Amiga Game

First Samurai Game Intro
Ahh now this is one of my all time favourite games on the Commodore Amiga.

Cecco's arcade game was not only an excellent action platformer, it featured superb music, sound effects and of course, a brilliant game intro.

As the shadows behind the screen bowed to each other before being revealed as the student and master whilst the pumping game soundtrack kicked in, you just knew that quality was on the cards.

The First Samurai As the story unfolded, nicely drawn and detailled images of a battle to the death between the samurai master and evil wizard were displayed to you in a postcard style.

These images dissolved in and out of view as the story unfolded... which was a classic arcade game back story.

As the tale reached it's conclusion you knew the story, setting and aim of the game.

All in all, First Samurai was a brilliant arcade game that was blessed with a fantastic opening sequence.

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