Game Intro - Cannon Fodder - Commodore Amiga classic game

Cannon Fodder Intro
Cannon Fodder - Amiga

Sensible Software's game was a landmark in Amiga gaming.

With a fine blend of arcade action, strategy and a huge dollop of humour, this game was a firm favourite with Amiga gamers.

As the funky and almost reggae beat kicked in, and the opening song started playing, you just knew you were in for a gaming treat.

As the song played images of the games developers (dressed in varying combat gear) faded in and out of the screen. Many of the in-game soldiers were named after members of Sensible Software too.

This classic game from the Amiga days generated some controversy as some felt that the theme song was in bad taste. Not us gamers though, most of us lapped it up and played it for hours on end.

A classic game intro from a classic game. Nice one Sensible.

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