Game Intro - Terrordaktil 4D - classic ZX Spectrum Game

Terror-Daktil 4D Intro
Now this really is a classic arcade game from the very early days of gaming on the ZX Spectrum.

Back in the dim and distant past of 1983 anything resembling 3D on any retro computer was visually amazing. So when you had a game that was 4D (how on earth this classic game is 4D is beyond me!) - well you just had to see what all the fuss was about.

Anyway, Melbourne House prepared us for the 4th dimension with a game intro that was, at the time, really quite something.

Terror-Daktil 4D Intro
As you settled into your seat on a touring aircraft the captain welcomed you aboard - all seemed normal on your 'tourist' flight.

But, in true Doug McLure fashion things would soon go wrong, the tension mounting as the aircraft runs into trouble. The intro to this arcade game showed you just how you ended up in the land of strange creatures, terrible dangers and of course, dinosaurs.

Our hero winds up stranded in the arcade game that time forgot...

The game itself was a pretty standard 'shoot the baddies' deal - and once you got over the amazing (ahem) 3D visuals repetition set in.

Still, it stands up well against other games from the same year, and must be regarded as a true cult classic game on the Speccy.

The opening sequence was pretty amazing. Classic gaming!

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