Game Intro - Trantor: The last stormtrooper - classic ZX Spectrum Game

Trantor Game Intro
Ahh now this opening to an arcade game on the good old Speccy really was something back in 1987.

Trantor: The last stormtrooper had a bold and serious title - with a game intro to match.

Poor Trantor would end up stranded on a hostile alien world, and the opening sequence to this classic game told the story of how it happened.

Trantor Game Intro
Watching the huge (and detailled) ship sprite as it descended the rocky cavern before coming to rest on a landing pad (with nice hydraulic landing legs on the ship) really pushed the hardware of the ZX Spectrum a lot.

The fact the the ship descended smoothly with no flicker was a great graphical achievement and a credit to the guys at Probe software.

You almost felt sorry for our 'last stormtrooper' as his ship disintegrated and he was left alone to fend for himself. Mind you the excellent techno music that kicked in at the end of the sequence got you ready for some classic arcade action.

Left alone in an alien arcade game...

The game itself was actually a pretty standard run 'n gun affair - and to be honest there were plenty of better ZX Spectrum games you could play. Trantor was a very polished title that just lacked that something special.

Still, as game intro's go - this was one of the most impressive on any 8-bit platform...

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